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At Kevin Matz & Associates PLLC, we have substantial experience (which we have gained through working at some of the largest international law firms in the world) in helping high net worth families in the transfer of wealth between generations. We recognize that ultimately there is a balancing act between, on the one hand, achieving the senior family member’s straightforward goals in disposing of his or her wealth to children, grandchildren and possibly charities, and on the other hand, developing a structure (which will frequently involve trusts, as well as other entities) that will both safeguard assets from the subsequent claims of creditors and other third parties and achieve maximum total tax savings.

We will work closely with you in a very hands on manner to help you to develop and implement a plan to navigate this fine balancing act, and thereby achieve your family (and potentially charitable) dispositive goals in the most tax efficient manner possible. We do this moreover with an eye on preserving maximum flexibility in the years to follow from both an estate planning and an asset protection perspective. Indeed, without a flexible plan, today’s “permanent” tax laws and exposed asset holdings can easily become tomorrow’s historical footnotes and the easy targets of subsequent creditor claims.

We moreover have extensive experience in the representation of senior executives, real estate entrepreneurs, managers of private investment funds, and professional athletes and entertainers, among others, in their estate and tax planning. We also advise the financial institutions and individuals who are charged with the great responsibility of managing and preserving significant wealth in a fiduciary capacity.

Our level of responsiveness and out-of-the-box creativity in responding to client needs and in problem-solving is unsurpassed, and we pride ourselves on our 24/7 availability to our clients.

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